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What course do you need?

Streaming-Basics Introduction course

Designed to help beginners but also experienced streamers to build a solid foundation and understanding of what streaming is.

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OBS basics and setup course

This OBS beginners course will guide you through your first steps from installation and most important settings so you can go live in no time!

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Twitch Introduction course

This is a beginner friendly Twitch course teaching you the history and keyfacts of Twitch.tv as a streaming plattform, how to set up your Twitch account and how to become a Twitch Affiliate.

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OWN3D.pro setup course

Even though the OWN3D Pro installation is as user-friendly as possible and therefore quite easy to handle, this course will guide you through every function of this tool so you can go live and stream using our streamerfriendly OBS plugin.

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What makes us stand out?

OWN3D has many years of experience in online streaming.

Courses tailored to your needs

Our course system is designed to help you learn precisely what you want to know; from beginner to expert, you will be able to progress at your own pace, saving you time and unnecessary steps along the way.

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Chapter in text form

All our courses will include each chapter in written form; most of them will also have an additional video to guide you along the way. Navigate throughout the lessons with ease and only read what you want to read, mark everything as done or bookmark essential lessons.

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Chapters in Video form

If you prefer watching Videos, then most of our chapters will also include a video following the same lesson structure as the text to learn your preferred way. Jump in between lessons with easy navigation and get precisely what you are looking for.

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Our products & tools overview

The Stream.tv universe covers a wide range of products for streamers.


Streamheroes is a new engagement tool for streamers on twitch focused on user loyalty. Viewers can collect Streamercards by simply watching their favorite streamer live and purchasing them for their physical collection. Remind your users of memorable and funny moments during your stream or run your very own events and create cards ahead of them. Every sold card includes a revenue share for you!

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OWN3D.pro is the ultimate OBS Studio Plugin helping streamers with more than 800+ Overlays & Alerts in 9+languages, as well as access to many other tools & features such as Chatbot, Statistics, Donations, DMCA free music, Linkspree.

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OBS Plugin • Overlays • Alerts


OWN3d.tv is one of the biggest online shops offering premade overlay packages, alerts, emotes, panels and everything to help streamers bring an appealing design to their livestreams.

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